Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Rainout Line for All Fields:


Camp & Tryouts

Jr. Statesmen Baseball Player Selection is complete.


Congratulations to those making the roster, your selection letters have been mailed.

Please click on the link below to update your player  profile and pay club fees:


link to new JSB Account/Registration site : HERE!


NOTES about Registration:

1)    Click the link above and click on the blue [ACCOUNT] button and log into your family profile

2)   We have already registered all players that made the team, so to make a payment, click on “View Unpaid Invoices” under the  Account Options

3)    Click on the blue [Details] button, then the blue [Make Payment] button and follow the prompts to complete your transaction

4)    Once your payment is complete, you will receive both a confirmation message on the screen and a confirmation email to the address within your players profile

5)    To update the email address or other contact information, click on your players name, click Edit Info, and [Submit]

Player fees are expected to be either paid in full by Sept 1, 2018, or by this payment schedule:

 $200 by Sept 1, 2018; $350 by Jan 1, 2019; $350 by Feb 15, 2019


JSB Steering Committee

·         Eunice Harris, contact HarrisFamily03@charter.net

·         Chris Hansen

·         Clay Degenhardt

·         Jerry Pinkner

·         Paul Kuehler

·         Tyson Sturgeon

Strategic Partnerships/Events

Through partnerships with Saint Louis University Men's Baseball (SLU) and Webster Groves High School; Webster Orange Sox, Jr. Statesmen Baseball, and WGBSL programs will receive professional training for both coaches and players and will have the opportunity to participate in community events tied to national competitions.

Jr. Statesmen Baseball Winter Clinic 2018

·         Led by WGHS and Jr. Statesmen Coaching Staff

·         Two days in December over Winter break, 9 am - 12 noon

·         Players 6th, 7th, 8th Grade (11U-14U)

·         Location TBD

·         $60/player

Saint Louis University (SLU) Winter Warm Up 2019

·         Led by SLU Men’s Baseball Coaching Staff and WOS/ JSB Coaches

·         January & February

·         6-week camp with two, 60-minute sessions per week

·         5 to 1 player to coach ratio

·         Professional indoor facilities on the campus of Saint Louis University

·         included in player fees

Jr. Statesmen Baseball Summer Camp 2019

§  Open to anyone

§  Led by WGHS and Jr. Statesmen Coaching Staff

§  Monday-Thursday, in June 2019 exact dates TBD

§  Players entering 6th,7th, and 8th Grades (11U-14U) in the 2019-2020 school year

§  Takes place at Webster Groves High School- Plymouth Fields

§  $120/player

Jr. Statesmen Baseball Tryouts 2019

·        2 Tryouts scheduled in July & August -exact dates TBD.

·        Tryouts are free 

·        Takes place at Webster Groves High School Plymouth Field

·        Open to any player entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades (11U-14U) in the 2019-2020 school year that lives within or attending the Webster Groves School District


Other Events

·         SLU Coaches Clinic (March)

·         WGHS Coaches Clinic (July)

·         SLU Fall Clinic (October)


Jr. Statesmen Baseball

Jr. Statesmen Baseball (JSB) is a competitive baseball program designed to mentally and physically prepare 6th, 7th and 8th grade (11u-14u) players for Webster Groves High School (WGHS) Baseball. This program is open to any player living within or attending the Webster Groves School District that dreams of playing for their high school team. Who doesn’t want to be a Statesmen!

As an informal extension of the high school baseball program, Jr. Statesmen teams will be guided by the same principles, routines and philosophies as the WGHS baseball program. The goal of the program is to instill the fundamental aspects of the game along with promoting a strong work ethic, sportsmanship, and teamwork while celebrating each player’s successes on and off the field!

Trust the Process. Celebrate the Success.

Jr. Statesmen teams will be led by dedicated and qualified, paid and volunteer coaches. Coach qualifications, requirements, and selections will be set by the Jr. Statesmen Steering Committee, Advisors, and WGBSL Board of Directors.

Coaches are asked to make a 3-year commitment, if possible, to build uniformity for the team while they are in the Jr. Statesmen program.  Head Coaches seasons will run mid-March through July tryouts for the next season. The paid Head Coaches will not have a son on the team they coach, while volunteer Assistant Coaches may. Fall tournaments will be coached by the volunteer Assitant Coaches, unless a Head Coach chooses to volunteer.

WGHS Baseball coaches will attend routine practices through winter warm up and league play, will hold summer and winter clinics and will conduct coach training sessions. All coaches are required to attend annual coach training clinics and assist at player training camps, if possible

Season Highlights

  • September - October: 2-3 Fall Tournaments
  • December: Jr. Statesmen Winter Baseball Clinic 
  • January - February: Winter Warm Up- 6 weeks 
  • March - June: Indoor/Outdoor Team Practices 
  • April - May: Private & Public School League Play 
  • April - May: Local League Play
  • June: Jr. Statesmen Summer Baseball Camp 
  • July - August: Tryouts for any player living within or attending the Webster Groves school district

Player Costs


To keep this program affordable for all players living in or attending the WGSD, we are committed to keeping the cost at a lower price point compared to other baseball clubs. Our leadership is all voluntary, with only paid head coaches. We will schedule teams in local games, leagues, and tournaments to help families only incur local travel expenses (i.e. gas and mileage). Our hope is to solicit sponsors within the Webster Groves community to help offset player costs and/or sponsor players that may not be able to afford the cost to play.

Player Fee Package Includes Per Player
Uniforms $100.00
Winter Warmup 6 weeks, 2 nights/week @ SLU (Jan-Feb) $200.00
Indoor Practice Facility TBD (March: Weekly 1 1/2 hrs per team; April-May backup) $150.00
Outdoor Fields (practice) Steger (April 1-June 30) & WGHS Plymouth (after May 15, Sat 9-12) $ -
WGBSL Spring/Summer Games Private & Public Schools - approx 12-15 games $50.00
League Play TBD - approximately 12 games $150.00
2-3 Tournaments TBD (Summer and/or Fall) $100.00
Equipment, Incidental Fees Balls, Catching gear, End of Season Party, etc $50.00
Hired Coach Season runs March - July tryouts $100.00
Total Fees per Player* $900.00
Add-On Fees at Players Choice (not required) Cost Estimate
SLU Fall Baseball Camp (October) TBD
JSB Winter Clinic (2 days in Dec over winter break) $60.00
JSB Summer Camp (4 days in June) $120.00
Additional Tournaments, at Coach and Team Family discretion (player cost/tourney) $40.00
*Families may pay this entire fee upfront or over three payments: $200 at acceptance of this invitation (by Sept 1); $350 by January 1; $350 by Feb 15. For a confidential conversation about financial assistance to help cover this cost, please reach out to us.

This first season (2019), we will do what we can to help figure it out for players established on AAA club teams, so they can start playing with their future teammates. We are hopeful they can be a part of the inaugural season for Jr. Statesmen Baseball, so we can start developing a cohesive future Statesmen Baseball team; but also recognize the wheels on this bus are bigger than one player, one team, or one grade.

Mission & Values

The Jr. Statesmen Baseball Program and the Webster Orange Sox (WOS) Baseball Club are non-profit Amateur Sports Organizations in affiliation with the Webster Groves Baseball & Softball League (WGBSL). Our mission is to train and prepare Webster Groves School District baseball players from 9u-14u for High School baseball.  Our program is built upon community minded leadership, professionally trained coaches, dedicated families and disciplined players.

Program Values

·         Community minded, community grown

·         Great preparedness makes for great performance

·         Disciplined in mind and routine

·         Trust in self and in team

·         Sportsmanship first

·         Excellence on and off the field

WGBSL Partnership

The Webster Groves Baseball & Softball League will serve as the umbrella organization for Jr. Statesmen Baseball and the Webster Orange Sox Baseball Club. Bringing their long-standing trust with the community, broad infrastructure, administrative support and marketing reach. 

WGBSL Commitment

·         Securing of practice and game fields

·         Administration and Registration

·         Equipment, uniform and trophies

·         Marketing support

·         Scheduling of WGBSL league and Private /Public league games

·         Payment processing

·         Insurance compliance

For more information about the Webster Orange Sox Baseball Club, click here.